Victoria Dunn Director at the Office of Diveristy and Inclusion at The Ohio State University

Noble Academy was proud to welcome Miss Victoria Dunn as a speaker at the two award ceremonies on November 7, 2011.  Miss Dunn works as a director for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at The Ohio State University and is actively involved in the Leadership Initiatives for Women of Color on campus.  Her particular mission is to make young girls more aware of college preparatory opportunities.

Miss Dunn shared a story about “stone soup” that had a valuable moral – all students bring something different to Noble Academy and will carry that unique and diverse perspective through their primary
schooling to college, where it continues to be important.  She also shared that it is never too early for students to begin setting goals for their college experience.

Miss Dunn was highly impressed with the students: “It’s clear, both from their superior performance on the Concept test and from their rapt attention today that lots of good work has been going on at Noble Academy.”

The OSU Office of Diversity and Inclusion can be reached by phone at (614) 292-2232.