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Dear Parents and Students,
We are very pleased to welcome you to NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS for the 2012-2013 school year. All of us at Noble will be working with you to make this school year an exciting and productive one. Our combined efforts will help you to grow both academically and socially. We have an exciting program available to you this year. Your efforts will determine how far you progress.
Education is a shared responsibility, and successful operation of a school depends on the cooperation of everyone concerned—students, parents, and staff. The goal of NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS is to create a partnership among the members of this triad. Each member is responsible for doing his or her part to make our school a place where each one can achieve his or her goals, and so that all work together in harmony.
This handbook is written for the parents, students and staff of Noble Academy. It is an essential reference tool describing the procedures, practices and expectations of the school. All students, their parents and school staff should read it carefully, and let it act as a guide for effective and successful involvement in all aspects of school life. Some changes and additions to this handbook can be made anytime during the school year when necessary and the parents are notified via mail about these changes.
On behalf of the Administration and staff here at NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS, good luck to you during the 2012-2013 school year. Feel free to contact any member of the school staff if you need assistance with any problems/concerns. We are here to help you.
Mr. Matt Yildiz, Director
The mission of the NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS is to provide an environment of learning and continuous growth with a rigorous college-prep math, science, social studies and language arts program, and to create an atmosphere for students, parents, and teachers to reach their highest potential to become effective, responsible and productive citizens.

NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS exists for the welfare and dignity of each child. Education will be student-centered and each child will be recognized as a unique individual with unique interests, needs and abilities. NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS aims to develop responsive, productive, and civic-minded youth by inspiring them to follow their dreams while making the world a better place for themselves and others. NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS is focused on core knowledge and essential skills so that children may achieve the mastery upon which further learning will be built. The purpose of the Academy is also to foster productive attitudes toward work, family, and community. When students have a positive attitude toward school, their perception of “school” transforms. NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS will strive to lead each and every student towards these accomplishments by using a curriculum aligned to the State’s Academic Content Standards, which is essential to future success in school and at work. The Content Standards are reinforced and reviewed to prepare students for standardized tests. Both in-class preparation and after school instruction are provided to ensure a higher level of achievement for each student.

To achieve our mission, every member of the NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS community must respect the rights of all members of the community to learn. This means creating an environment that is physically, emotionally and intellectually safe, orderly, and conducive to learning. The information in this handbook provides the guidelines for all of our behaviors and attitudes that will create a positive environment in which each student, parent, and teacher can contribute and learn. Because this is a “Student/Parent” Handbook, it is written to you. Each section begins with a general description of the issue involved, and then it addresses you and your actions and attitudes very specifically.

Because of the nature of its mission, NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS does not discriminate against any member of its community on the basis of sex, race, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disabilities or handicap in educational programs or activities.

The right of students to freedom of expression shall not be abridged, provided that such right shall not cause any disruption or disorder within the school.

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION shall include without limitation, the rights and responsibilities of students, collectively and individually, (a) to express their views through speech and symbols, (b) to write, publish, and disseminate their views, and to assemble peaceably on school property for the purpose of expressing their opinions. Any assembly planned by students during regularly scheduled school hours shall be held only at a time and place approved in advance by the Principal (or designee).

No expression made by students in the exercise of such rights shall be deemed an expression of school policy, and no school officials shall be held responsible in any civil or criminal action for any expression made or published by the students.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Students’ right to free speech comes with the following restrictions:
• What a student says may not disrupt the work and discipline of the school in a material or substantial way.
• A student’s words may not incite others to disrupt the work or discipline of the school or disobey the laws.
• No students may be obscene.
• Students may not say (slander) or write things about (libel) another person that damage that person’s reputation and are not true, if they know the statement to be false or don’t care whether it is true or false.
• Students may not use fighting words, that is, words which, when spoken to a reasonable person is reasonably certain to produce a violent action. Included in this category would be racial, sexual, ethnic, or religious slurs.

FREEDOM OF PRESS. Students may express their opinions in publication and other written material as long as it follows standards of good taste. Unofficial or underground publications distributed at school will not be censored so long as they are signed by the author(s), and are not disruptive, defamatory, obscene, or containing “fighting words.” School reserves the right to regulate the content of “school sponsored express activities.” A sign posted must be signed by the person who puts it up and must be posted in the designated area in the school.

FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Students have the right to be absent from school for observance of the holy days of their religion. Parents/guardians must notify advisor and school office in writing prior to absence. An absence for religious reasons will count as an excused absence from school.

RIGHT TO EQUAL EDUCATION. School students cannot be prevented or discouraged from participating in any school activity because of race, gender, sexual preference, religion, national origin, or handicap.

WHAT TO DO IF RIGHTS ARE VIOLATED. You are encouraged to talk to your teachers, your administrator or the Principal. Any member of the school community who believes he/she has been subject to or bears witness to discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, or handicap may file a complaint with school Principal. The Principal will make a determination in the matter. If that determination is unsatisfactory, the member of the school community can request a hearing before the School Board President, by submitting a request in writing to the school office.
All classes at NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS will follow this standard scale for assigning letter grades for quarter work for grade 6th through 8th. Individual teachers will establish the grading policies and procedures for their classes, and their grades will correspond to this scale.
98 – 100 = A+ 87 – 89 = B+ 77 – 79 = C+ 67 – 69 = D+ 0 – 59 = F
93 – 97 = A 83 – 86 = B 73 – 76 = C 63 – 66 = D
90 – 92 = A- 80 – 82 = B- 70 – 72 = C- 60 – 62 = D-
There are three areas in which students must meet requirements to be promoted to the next grade level or to graduate: Academics, attendance, and discipline.
• Students must have passing grades in English, Math, Social Studies, and Science.
o In order to pass a class, students must have at least a cumulative grade point of 2.0 at the end of a school year. Grading scale is based on a 4-point scale.
• Each student must have passing grades at least 3/4 of the total number of the courses for each grade level to be promoted or graduated.

A= 4.0 points B= 3.0 points C= 2.0 points D= 1.0 points F= 0 point
Following three cases illustrate three students’ grades from all courses for each semester in an educational year they may have. The student below passes all four core subjects and 3/4 of total number of classes.

Subjects 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total Grade Point Equivalency Result

The second student below didn’t pass at least one (or more) core subjects and as a result he/she will repeat his/her grade.

Subjects 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total Grade Point Equivalency Result

The third student below will also repeat his/her grade because the student did not pass 3/4 of the total number of courses even though he/she passed the core classes.

Subjects 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total Grade Point Equivalency Result

NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS Honor Roll and Merit Roll policy

Honor Roll and Merit Roll students are awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter performances. Students in grades 2 through 8 are eligible for honor roll if their GPA (Grade Point Average) is 3.50 or higher with any combination of A’s, B’s and no more than one C for the semester. Students are eligible for merit roll if their GPA is between 3.0 and 3.49. For both Honor Roll and Merit Roll the students must have a clear discipline history with no referrals during the quarter.
For the purposes of averaging the following scale shall be used:
A= 4.0 points B= 3.0 points C= 2.0 points D= 1.0 points F= 0 point

ATTENDANCE: According to NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS attendance policy, students who miss 30 school days or more of school in any year for any reason will be required to repeat the grade level unless his/her teacher’s and administration agrees on the fact that the student deserves to be promoted to the next grade level .

DISCIPLINE: Students who do not demonstrate discipline and maturity will not be promoted or graduated. Any student who accumulates more than maximum allowable number of detentions or more than 15 days cumulative suspension in any one year will not be promoted to the next grade-level.

The Ohio Academic Achievement Test (OAA) is administered to students in grades t NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS. In order to see the progress of a child in a year, NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS administers four practice tests prior to the actual OAA test in May. The scores and a detailed report of the test results are mailed to the parents.
Promoting and fostering consistent student attendance requires a commitment from the administrators, teachers, parents, and students. We ask that you, as a student, do all you can do to attend school every day and your parents are welcome as much as needed. Also, to accomplish this goal, if at all possible, students must make medical or other appointments after school hours or on weekends. If that is absolutely impossible, we ask that parents/guardians let the office know as far in advance as possible and that the student bring in a note verifying the reason for the absence. If a student is to be out sick, the parent/guardian should call the School Office before 8:00 a.m. so we know they will be out. All students are accountable to complete work they missed while absent (i.e. homework, project, quiz, test, and other assignments). But it is the student’s responsibility to collect missing work. The office does NOT make arrangements about collecting missing work.
NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS recognizes two kinds of absences and tardiness: excused and unexcused. Please read through the definitions of each carefully so that you understand what you and your parents’ or guardians’ responsibilities are. Also, you need to be very aware of your responsibilities regarding homework, quizzes, and tests when you have an excused absence and the consequences for unexcused absences.
NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS accepts only the professional appointments, observance of religious holidays, and verifiable family emergencies as excusable reasons for absence from school. Parents or guardians must notify the school any morning their child is not attending. The excuse shall be submitted to the attendance office and filed as part of the student’s school record. Absences can be excused only if a written note from the legal guardian is received in the main office within 48 hours of the student’s return to school. A doctor’s note or other official documentation is required for an absence period of more than 2 consecutive days. We encourage parents to schedule medical, dental, legal, and other necessary appointments outside school hours whenever possible. Parents must come to the office to pick you up. You and your parent must sign you out of school; when you return to school, you must sign in. You must return to school when finished provided school is still in session.
An unexcused absence does become part of a student’s school record. All family vacations will be considered as unexcused absence(s). If a student arrives at school from second period to lunch, he/she will be considered as half a day absent. Student arrival later than the lunch period will be considered as one day absent. Also you will be marked for an unexcused absence if you
 Fail to bring a written note within two school days following an absence.
 Leave school without signing out of school at the office.
An absence from school, even for several days, does not excuse you from responsibilities in the classroom on the day you return. If you have an excused absence, you will be given the same number of days that you were absent to make up missed work. On the day you return to school, it is your responsibility to find out what work is required and when the work needs to be completed.
If you are absent for school-related reasons or for an anticipated or planned absence, make arrangements with your teacher(s) for assignments prior to your absence. For students with excused absences, make-up tests will be scheduled at a time designated by the teacher. It is the students’ responsibility to take the test at that time. If you fail to do this, the teacher is not obligated to set another time for the make-up. If you fail to make up a test without making other arrangements, the teacher may decide not to give you the test.
If you have an unexcused absence, your grade(s) in a class or classes will be affected in one of these ways.
 You may not make up work following an unexcused absence.
 Unexcused absence may result in an “F” or “zero” for the day in each class missed.
 Teachers are not obligated to allow you to make up quizzes or tests.
Truancy means that a student is not excused and absent from his or her assigned location without the knowledge of a parent. NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS shall consider any student truant if he/she is inexcusably absent from his/her assigned location without the knowledge of a parent.
Truancy shows a deliberate disregard for the educational program and is considered a serious matter that will have immediate consequences. If you are truant,
• No credit will be recorded for work you missed as result of truancy.
• A record of the truancy will be entered into your record file.
• A conference with your parents will be held.
NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS shall considered a student an “habitual truant” by State law when, in spite of warnings and/or his/her parent’s efforts to ensure attendance, he/she has accumulated during a semester ten (10) consecutive days or fifteen (15) total days of unexcused absence. The State of Ohio will be called with permission from administration if your child exceeds the number of days absent within the state law.
Tardiness to school without a reasonable excuse such as doctor’s appointment, is considered to be an unexcused tardy. Oversleeping, missing the bus, car problems, baby-sitting, athletic workouts are not acceptable reasons to be excused. If a student arrives at school after the end of homeroom (8:30am), the student is considered as “tardy”. The parent must sign in and the student is given a tardy slip for admittance to the class. In case a student accumulates a number of tardiness following actions are taken:
• 5 times unexcused tardy: Parent is contacted.
• 10 times unexcused tardy: Parent conference and in-school suspension.
• 15 times unexcused tardy: Children Services is contacted.
Because NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS is very concerned about your safety and well being, early dismissal from school is an important issue. In all instances of early dismissal, the following precautions will be taken to insure students’ safety.
• The principal may release you before the end of a school day only upon presentation of a face-to-face (no telephone call) request from your parent or guardian.
• You may be released only to a parent or guardian whose signature is on file in the school office or to a properly identified person, authorized in writing by the parent or guardian to act on his/her behalf.
• You may be not released from the school “on your own” under any circumstances.
• No staff member shall permit or cause you to leave school prior to the regular hour of dismissal except with the knowledge and approval of the principal and with the presence of your parents or guardian.
• You will not be released from school to any government agency without proper warrant or parental permission in person except in the event of an emergency as determined by the principal.
Under the laws of the State of Ohio, a student will be considered a “habitual truant” after 10 consecutive days or 15 total days of unexcused absence from school per semester. Habitual truancy could result in mandatory expulsion from the Academy.

1. Any student who accumulates 5 unexcused absences in a 9 weeks will receive a warning letter from school.

2. Any student who accumulates 10 unexcused absences in a 9 weeks will receive a letter from school requesting a parent conference with the administration and stating that more unexcused absences could result in the loss of credit in all courses taken that quarter and that the school may contact Children Services.

3. Any student with 15 total days of unexcused absence in a 9 weeks will be considered a “habitual truant” and referred to the Franklin County Children Services for excessive absence. Habitual truancy will result in mandatory expulsion from the Academy.

4. Any student who accumulates 30 total days of unexcused or excused absence during the school year he/she might be considered to fail his/her current grade based upon teachers’ and administration’s decision can repeat the grade the following year. These students could also be reported to Franklin County Children Services.
NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS has as its goal to help every student fulfill his or her intellectual, social, physical and emotional potential. Everything in and about the school has been designed to create an orderly and distraction-free environment in which all students can learn effectively and pleasantly. To foster this kind of learning environment, the NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS administrators and teachers shall not allow the following behaviors during school, on school property, or at or during any school-sponsored activities.

Students are considered to be subject to the authority of the school when they are in route to or from school and at school related or school sponsored events even though those activities may not take place at an actual school. Some examples include athletic meet and games, field trips, contests, and concerts. Misbehaviors, which occur at such events, as outlined below, will be subject to the same penalties as misbehaviors that occur in school.


Students in grades 6-8 will have a discipline system as determined by their classroom teachers. There will be a standard set of classroom rules that all teachers in grades 6-8 will follow. The misbehaviors will be divided into categories marked level 1-3. Consequences will be described below each category. Be aware that not all consequences will be listed and teachers can utilize consequences as they see fit.


A. Being tardy to class (with the exception of first period and/or without a tardy pass)

B. Posting/distributing materials on school property that causes disruption.

C. Running in the hallways on the sidewalk or anywhere on school grounds with the exception of gym or a club, chasing each other in the hallways or on the sidewalks or anywhere on school grounds with the exception of gym or a club.

D. Failure to follow lunch, and after school procedures

E. Failure to follow classroom rules and procedures set by individual teachers

F. Not working on assigned task

G. Bringing/eating food in class (including chewing gum)

H. Inappropriate behavior to friend (including name calling and making fun of)

I. Not being in your assigned location

J. Lying

K. Humming, singing, making strange noises in the class (unless told to do so)

L. Writing and passing notes

Administration and teachers may use their judgment for any other misbehavior that is not mentioned here but might be considered a level I misbehavior. Teachers and staff may also issue an office referral for continued violation of a level 1 misbehavior.


When a student violates a level 1 misbehavior, the teacher will follow the steps below:

1st warning- teacher will pull student aside and issue a reminder of classroom rules, document through activity tab.
2nd warning- teacher will have conference with student during lunch, before or after school whichever is most convenient. Parent will be notified via phone or email and advised of student behavior. Document through activity tab
3rd warning- teacher will again have conference with student and a consequence will be assigned. Parents will again be contacted via phone or email and advised of student behavior. Document through activity tab.
4th warning- Student is assigned a consequence and parent is requested to come and have a conference with student and teacher about behavior issues.
5th warning- Student is referred to dean of students and parent conference will be set up with teacher, student, dean, director and parent. Consequences will be determined by Dean of Students and Director when warranted.

Consequences can be but are not limited to:
Reflection sheet (why the behaviors are occurring and what can the student do to correct them)
Lunch detention (can assign multiple days)
After school detention to be served with the teacher to make up for class time interrupted
Before school detention to be served with the teacher to make up for class time interrupted


A. As defined by the teacher chronic violation of Level I misbehaviors (6 or more disruptions)

B. Leaving school without permission, including walking out of classroom in the absence of an emergency declared by the principal

C. Engaging in or causing a disruption on a school bus

D. Verbally or physically threatening to injure or harm another person or intimidating another person by creating fear for personal safety

E. Bringing alcoholic beverages to school or having alcoholic beverages in his/her possession, or coming to school under the influence of alcohol or drugs

F. Intentionally causing an interruption of education in the classroom

G. Using abusive or profane language (profanity/racial slurs)

H. Failing to adhere to school culture and directives of school personnel when subject to the authority of the school

I. Intentionally participating in or initiating actions that result in the disruption of the school.

J. Fighting*, hitting, or pushing another student.

K. Vandalism and/or destruction of school property(writing on bathroom walls, or other school areas)

L. Gambling on school premises

M. Trespassing, including entering a school to which the student is not assigned without signing in at the office, entering a school from which the student is suspended without permission from the school principal or bringing an unauthorized visitor to the school.

N. Intentionally participating in hazing activities

O. Engaging in an activity that may create a condition that is unsafe or unhealthy to others.

P. Showing disrespectfulness to teachers or staff and/or using inappropriate language and behavior (talking back to your teachers).

Q. Cheating on tests

R. Refusing to hand in beepers, pagers, cell phones, game boys, CD players, walkmans, IPOD and similar electronic devices to the teacher. (The device is confiscated by the staff member and taken to the administration. Parent is contacted to come to school to pick up the device.)

*A student who gets involved in a fight is suspended 5-10 days depending on administration’s discretion and his/her parent signs a behavior contract. Violation of such a behavior contract results in expulsion.


1st referral: 1-3 days out of school suspension.

2nd referral: 3-5 days out of school suspension.

3rd referral: 5-7 days out of school suspension

4th referral: 7-10 days out of school suspension

5th referral: Recommended expulsion


A. Using or bringing weapons, dangerous instruments, explosives, firearms, or knives to school

– A weapon is anything that is commonly used or designed to hurt someone or to put
someone in fear (examples: guns, knives, knuckles, clubs, etc.)
– A dangerous instrument is anything that although not specifically designed to hurt someone, can be
used to hurt someone or put someone in fear (examples: belts, combs, compasses, etc.)
-An explosive is any substance that can potentially generate a release of mechanical or chemical energy (examples: firecrackers, cherry bombs, gun shells, etc.)
-Any object, which closely resembles a weapon or explosive and could put persons in fear
for their safety is included in this category (examples: starter pistols, pellet guns, toy guns,
smoke bombs, etc.)

B. Verbally or physically threatening to injure or harm a school staff member

C. Intentionally causing physical injury to a school staff member

D. Sexually assaulting another person

E. Intentionally causing or attempting to cause physical injury or intentionally behaving in such way as could reasonably cause physical harm towards a passive person

F. Sexual conduct or sexual contact without mutual consent which includes all forms of sexual harassment

G. Hate crimes

H. Being habitually truant.

I. Engaging in drug related activities, including but not limited to:
– making, selling, or distributing drugs/counterfeit drugs at school;
– bringing readily identifiable drug abuse instruments or paraphernalia to school
or having such items in his/her possession;
– using or possessing drugs/counterfeit drugs at school.
J. Intentionally burning or attempting to burn property

K. Stealing or attempting to steal or possession of stolen property

L. Damaging or attempting to damage property

M. Forcibly entering a school building locker, classroom, or secured enclosure

N. Extorting or attempting to extort property

O. Falsely sounding a fire alarm, or causing a fire alarm to be sounded

P. Falsely communicating or causing to be communicated that a bomb is located in or on

Q. More than one person acting together to intentionally cause harm or injury to alone

R. Bringing inappropriate materials.

S. After the 3rd suspension continuing misbehaviors may/will result in expulsion.

The administration for Level III offenses will put any student into expulsion process. Parents will be informed of any Level III misbehavior offense committed by their child immediately by the administration of the school. Students, after required due process, found to have violated these sections must be immediately expelled. Students who commit a level III offense on school property, in a school vehicle, or any school-sponsored event will have the proper authorities contacted.

1st offense:
• Teacher makes a copy of the work for the student’s discipline file.
• Teacher calls home to alert parents of the situation.
• Teacher holds an after school detention with the student to re-teach the lesson on citation in an assignment.
• Student is allowed to make up the assignment

2nd offense:
• Teacher makes a copy of the work of the student’s discipline file.
• Teacher calls home to alert parents of the situation.
• Teacher hold and after school detention with the student.
• Student receives a 0 for the assignment and is not able to make it up

3rd offense:
• Teacher makes a copy of the work for the student’s discipline file.
• Teacher calls home to alert parents of the situation.
• Teacher holds an after school detention with the student
• Office referral is issued and consequences determined by Dean of Students.
All students at NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS are entitled to the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, and their rights will not knowingly be denied by the required code of conduct or by any disciplinary actions taken by the school. Any student who exhibits any of the Unacceptable Student Behaviors listed in this handbook or added to this list at a later date will suffer immediate consequences. These consequences range from notification of parents, detention, and emergency removal from a school activity to suspension, expulsion, and criminal prosecution.
All students at NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS have the right to feel that they are physically, emotionally, and intellectually safe.
• Therefore, if at any time you feel you are the subject of harassment, hazing, threats, or other intimidating behavior, you should immediately speak to an administrator about the problem. The situation will be investigated as soon as possible. All reports like this will be kept completely confidential.
• Similarly, if you are concerned about the safety of another student who seems to be the subject of harassment, hazing, or threats, you should immediately speak to an administrator about the problem. The situation will be investigated as soon as possible. All reports like this will be kept completely confidential.
Notice of Suspension and the reasons for the suspension will be given to the student in writing by the Dean of Students after hearing the issues involved in a situation. If you are suspended, you may have the opportunity to make up work that you missed during the suspension.
You and your parent/guardian may appeal a suspension within one (1) school day of the suspension being issued. This appeal will be made to the Director and heard by a disciplinary board made up of three (3) administrators. You may not attend classes until the appeal is heard, but you will be able to turn in work for the classes you miss while waiting for the appeal and receive credit for that work. All disciplinary board hearings will be held within two (2) school days of the appeal being made. The decision of this disciplinary board is final.
The decision to expel any student will be made in writing and will include the reasons for the expulsion by the director after hearing about the events involved in a situation.
The student and his/her parent/guardian may appeal an expulsion within two (2) school days of the expulsion being issued. This appeal will be made to the Director and heard by a disciplinary board made up of three (3) administrators. You may not attend classes until the appeal is heard, but you will be able to turn in work for the classes you miss while waiting for the appeal and receive credit for that work. All disciplinary board hearings on expulsions will be held within four (4) school days of the appeal being made. The decision of this disciplinary board is final.
Homework is an essential part of your successful educational program at NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS. Doing homework will help you develop many valuable skills such as good study habits, time management, responsibility, and perseverance. Teachers will assign homework that will foster individual learning and growth and that is appropriate for the subject area. Homework is part of all students’ regular evaluations. It is your responsibility to complete and turn in homework on time. If you or your parents have questions about homework, immediately contact the teacher who assigned it.
Homework Guidelines:
• Homework must be turned in by the due date given by the teacher to receive full credit. (exceptions for absences in which case the student will have one extra day per number of days absent to complete and turn the work in for full credit or if the student is on an IEP or 504 where other accommodations have been made.)
• Homework turned in late (without approval from the teacher) will be reduced by 1 letter grade per day that it is late.
• There will be no credit given for homework that is more than 4 days late.
• Parents will be contacted for students who chronically do not turn in their homework.

Make-Up work:
• Students are allowed 1 day per absence to make up their work.
• It is the students’ responsibility to collect all missing work from their teachers upon their return to school.
NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS will have a school nurse or first-aid-trained-professional available to discuss or assist with medical problems or concerns. Unless you are ill, you must make and appointment in advance with the nurse.
Please follow these three rules if you become ill or are injured during the school day.
• You should report to the Main Office.
• If you do not inform the office and simply miss class, it is an unexcused absence.
• Do not just leave the building. Always report to the main office.
Medication should not be brought to school unless it is essential to the health of the student. If a student must take medicine at school, these procedures must be followed:
 The medication to be administered by designated school personnel must be
1) sent directly from the pharmacy or physician’s office
2) or brought to school by the student’s parent/guardian.
 The school must receive a Medication Administration Directions Form signed by the student’s physician and parent/guardian.
 On the medication container must be clearly printed the following information:
 Student’s Name
 Name of the medication
 Dosage
 Time the medication must be taken.
 Bring in only the amount of medication that is needed for a school day.
 In the case of prolonged need, send in the amount for a clearly specified period such as one week or one month. Extra medication will not be sent home with a student.
 All medication will be kept in a secure location in the main office.
Students are not allowed to carry any medication with them to school. Aspirin, Tylenol, and other patent drugs are not available from school. This includes Asthma Inhalers.
Students may carry and administer their medication if these two conditions are met:
 It is warranted by a potentially life-threatening condition and advised by their physician and
 A Medication Self-Administration Form is on file in the office signed by the student’s parent, physician, and the principal.
6th through 8th grade students will be assigned a locker for his/her individual use at NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS. This locker is for storing books, coats, and personal items necessary for school. The lockers should not be used to store valuable items you bring from home. NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS will not be liable for personal items you leave in your locker or bring to school with you. To keep your school items safe, we strongly advise you to keep your locker private. Do not trade lockers with another student. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SHARE LOCKERS UNLESS YOU ARE ASSIGNED TO SHARE A LOCKER BY A STAFF MEMEBER. It is student’s responsibility to see that his/her locker is kept closed and in order at all times. Students should report any damage, vandalism or non/working condition of their locker to the office. If the students do not report vandalism, damage or non-working condition of your locker, they will be held responsible for it. Please remember that all lockers are school property and remain at all times under the control of the school; however, students have full responsibility for the security of their locker and what is in it. Periodic locker checks will be made by NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS staff to ensure that lockers are kept clean and orderly.
There will be a lost and found box at the front desk. If you find books, clothing or personal items on the school grounds, please bring these items to the office. If you lose something, check the lost and found. Every month the lost and found will be sent to a charity and the school is no longer responsible for the missing items. Lost and found box can be checked before or after school only. Secretary will be responsible for lost and found.
Teachers will not be allowing students to make phone calls during class time from anywhere. The students will not be allowed to use the phone at the main office either, for any other reason beyond sickness or emergency. If you must call home you must do so before or after school. There are no cell phones allowed in the classroom at any time so leave them at home. If a student has been found with a cell phone in class it will be taken away and they will be given an office referral. The Dean of Students will contact the parents to come and pick up the phone before it is returned. Continuous abuse of this policy will result in confiscation of the cell phone and it will not be returned until the end of the school year.
Grades 6-8 can bring themselves to lunch. When entering the lunch room you must sit first at your assigned table and then you will be dismissed by tables to eat. During the lunch period, you will be expected to display good manners and courtesy. If you need to get up, you must raise your hand and get permission. The first part of each lunch period is quite time for the students to be able to finish their food in a timely manner. Students must eat their lunch only in the lunch area. Students will be dismissed by table color and expected to clean their place and dispose of all trash appropriately. Teachers on duty during the lunch period will hold the students responsible for their behavior.
Free and Reduce Lunch Forms:
Students are eligible to fill out free and reduce lunch forms. This is required by all of our students. These forms allow you to possible get to purchase a school lunch at a reduced cost. These forms must be turned in by the first day of school or you will be charged full price for school lunch until the form is turned it. You will be advised of your lunch status when the forms are processed by our lunch department.
Lunch Balances:
Students who purchase a school lunch are using their lunch accounts to generate a balance owed the school. You must keep your balance below $10.00 in order to continue to receive school lunches. It is important that when you receive an invoice from the school that you pay this invoice with the school secretary in order to keep your lunch account in good standing. Failing to do this will result in your student being served and alternate lunch in the cafeteria.
Hallways and lavatories are areas used by all members of NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS. Because everyone uses these areas, there are rules of conduct that all students must follow.
 You may not loiter in the halls, lunchroom or lavatories.
 If the bathroom is a single stall, there should be only one person in the restroom at all times.
 You may not eat in halls, lavatories.
 You may not run in the halls, lunchroom, and lavatories.
 You may not use any profane or vulgar language while in these areas.
 There should be no talking above a whisper in the hallways or restrooms.
 You must do your part to keep these areas clean and safe.
 Do not leave belongings on the floor outside your locker.
 Make sure you clean up after yourself and appropriately dispose of all trash.
 Report any leaks, spills, or other problems in the lavatory to a teacher or the office.
 Do not roughhouse, push, or wrestle.
During class time, students are not to be in the halls, or lavatories without a pass from their teacher or the main office.
NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS will offer a range of activities that will enrich student learning during the school day and after school. Because the safety of students is very important to us, specific rules will apply to these activities.

Field Trips offer exciting ways to learn. NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS students will have the opportunity to go on field trips at various times throughout the school year. For all field trips, you will be expected to follow these rules:
 You must bring to school the Field Trip Permission Slip signed by your parents or guardian by the specified date. No phone calls will be accepted as permission.
 You must wear your school uniform unless otherwise specified.
 You must abide by NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS codes of student conduct while on the field trip.
International Trips
 Due to the extensive amount of planning and responsibility on a teacher these trips require, different regulations will apply and will be based on the judgement of the teachers.
NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS will provide students with the textbooks for each of their classes. NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS will hold each student responsible for the condition of the textbook issued to him or her. Each student should take care to see that these books are not lost, stolen, damaged, or defaced. Students will have to pay to replace any books that are damaged or not returned.

Visitors for educational reasons are welcome at NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS. Visitors must register with the office when they arrive. Parents must also check in the office and asked to pick up a badge for security purposes. Students wishing to bring visitors to NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS must receive approval from the administration at least one (1) school day in advance. Do not bring guests to school without prior arrangements.
NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL has a dress code policy to help create a safe and orderly environment, instill discipline, and eliminate the competition and distractions caused by varied dress styles. You will be expected to arrive in dress code every day. School Faculty and staff strictly enforce the dress code. Parents will be required to bring a student the correct uniform if they show up to school in the in correct attire. Please cooperate, display modesty and neatness, and take pride in these clean, neat and attractive uniforms. We rely on your common sense and your parents’ and/or guardians’ support in helping maintain this dress code. Both boys and girls uniform shirts can be purchased from the main office.

Official Uniforms
In addition to making sure you are wearing the school uniform, NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS requires that you follow these additional guidelines in terms of uniform appearance and personal appearance.
a. Students must wear school uniform shirts each day. Possible colors are gold and blue and should be purchased from the office.
b. Shirts worn under the uniform shirts may be long sleeved but must be a solid color. There are to be NO prints of any kind worn under the uniform shirt.
c. Coats, non-school seal sweatshirts, windbreakers, jean jackets, ski jackets, or any other outerwear are not permitted in the classroom (with the exception of grades K-2 they have cubbies in their rooms) If you need a coat get it from your locker before you change classes.
d. Shirts must be clean and laundered regularly.

a. Pants and slacks must fit properly.
c. Pants and skirts must be khaki, navy or black docker/dress pants.
d. No pockets, loops or straps on pants can be below the hip level.
e. Pants must not be too baggy, sagged or too tight.
f. No cargo pants.
g. Skirts must be knee length.
h. Pants and skirts must be clean and laundered regularly.
i. Absolutely NO jeans or jean material of any kind can be worn.

a. Dress/tennis shoes are required any color.
b. Flip-flops, stilettos, clogs, high heels, stacks, platform shoes, hiking boots, or snow boots and sandals are not permitted.
c. Dress boots may be worn in winter.
d. Shoes must be laced up, with tongue inside, and tied securely.
e. Socks must be solid color with no prints visible.
f. Tights must also be a solid color only.

a. Any clothing or jewelry that is determined by a teacher or staff member to be distractive to the learning process is not permitted.

a. Black or brown belts must be worn at all times. Belts may not hang down. Pants must be purchased that allow for belts.

a. Jewelry and accessories should be appropriate for school and not attract undue attention
b. Boys may not wear earrings and girls may only wear post-type pierced earrings only in ears. No dangling earrings that hang below the earlobe.
c. Cosmetics should be appropriate for school and not attract undue attention.
d. No visible body or facial piercing, including band-aids covering piercing are permitted.
e. All necklaces must be tucked inside the shirt.
f. No heavy make up is permitted and make up, lotion or any other cosmetics are never to be applied anywhere but bathrooms.
g. Wristbands and bracelets or wrist wear are limited to one per arm.

a. No hats, caps, and other headgear are permitted unless it is religious or cultural.
b. Head coverings may be any color.
c. Hair cannot be colored or highlighted any color that is not a natural human hair color.
d. No designs of any kind are permitted to be in the hair on the head or face

a. Tattoos, permanent, temporary, or henna, are not permitted at any time.

Parent will be contacted and be required to bring students the correct clothing. If a student must get a shirt from the office, the correct fee for that shirt will be billed to the student account. Please make sure that you come to school in the correct uniform every day.



NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS is a public charter school managed by CONCEPT SCHOOLS and a member of the Horizon Science Academy family that has schools throughout the state of Ohio. We provide liberal arts education to the students from Kindergarten through grade 12. Admission is open to all students and is not based on race, religion, color or ethnic origin.
NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS has a dress code policy to help create a safe and orderly environment, instill discipline, and eliminate the competition and distractions caused by varied dress styles. Students are expected to arrive in dress code every day. The uniforms (shirts) can be purchased at school. Please cooperate, display modesty and neatness, and take pride in these clean, neat and attractive uniforms. We rely on your common sense and your parents’ and/or guardians’ support in helping maintain this dress code.

Parents at NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS can access their children’s classroom activities, homework, assignments, and grades via the Internet. All of the teachers at NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS use “Concept Schools Student Database System”, a grade book that lets teachers securely publish grades, class activities on the Internet for students and parents. Parents get their passwords from the administration/secretary and set up their account on the Internet. Then, they can log in and check out what is published by the teachers every day.

Transportation is provided by Columbus Public Schools Transportation Department. Early enrollment will make the routing easier. The school bus will drop off the students around 7:45 a.m. and pick them up at 2:45 pm. Parents who are dropping off their students should drop them off at the 3rd building in the cafeteria. Parent pick-ups will take place at the cafeteria where they must come inside and sign their students out. The students who stay for after school tutoring or activity must be picked up no later than 3:30 p.m. unless they sign up for latchkey.

NOBLE ACADEMY COLUMBUS will serve hot lunch; however, students may bring lunch packed at home as well.

7:00 a.m. – 7:45 a.m. Before School Care/Breakfast
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. School Hours
3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. After School Care