Science Fair Winners

We would like to congratulate all of our science fair participants on a job well done. At the 8th annual Consef Science and Engineering Fair held Saturday, March 12th , all 15 of our participating students came home winners. The fair was held in Cleveland where the following students received high honors for their science based projects.

Best in Category: Tyson Whittenburg.

Gold Medal: Betul Coskun and Musa Disli.

Silver Medal: Amy Awad, Ayah Mesbah, Autumn Hart, D.J. Drumsta, Davis Hitch, Muhamed Moumen, Olivia Mellett and Soma Jaf.

Bronze Medal:Bilal Dawodi, Erind Koci and Kylee Jones

Honorable Mention: Swar Jaf

These students did a wonderful job in representing Noble Academy and we have very pleased with the results.