Pint Sized Hero’s

Nancy Firth was at Noble Academy Monday November 28, 2011 to talk about the “Pint Sized Hero’s” program that we will be participating in on December 16, 2011. This program is to encourage our parents to get involved with the Red Cross and donate much needed blood that will help save numerous lives. Through this program parents can show their kids how important it is to “pay it forward” and give in small ways. Mrs. Firth talked about the process and why donating blood is so very important. Students were able to ask some really great questions and get excited about being apart of something in which even they can make a difference. Each student who gets a parent/ guardian or other adult to come in and donate blood on December 16, 2011 from 12:00 pm-6:00 pm in our main building will receive recognition as a Pint Sized Hero and get a small incentive as well. Please look for information to come home this week on how we can make each student here at Noble Academy a “Pint Sized Hero”