Noble Summer Academy

Our Summer Academy program is off to a great start! Our young scholars are excited about what this summer will hold.

Testimonials from Summer Academy Parents:

“Summer Academy has been a great experience for my son. There isn’t anything I would change or add. Thank you for everything! ”

– Parent Grade 2

“I am grateful that my son has this opportunity to continue to work on English and Math over the summer. He is getting out of the house every day and is able to develop social connections. Summer Academy has helped him both academically and emotionally.”

– Parent Grade 6

“I love how teachers dedicate their time and how they are working hard to support my children. Noble is a great school to provide many learning opportunities to our children”

– Parent Grade 2 and 7

“I was so happy when I found out Noble decided to provide extra support to my child. My child loves being out of home five days a week and being back to normal. Thank you!”

-Parent KG, 3rd, and 4th.