“Practice is the best of all instructors.” Noble Academy’s curriculum is fully aligned to the Ohio Academic Content Standards.  We are responsible for preparing our students for the Ohio Achievement Assessments each spring.    Additionally, we administer the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) as a diagnostic measure to show our students’ growth over the school […]


Test taking strategies For better or worse, high-stakes testing is a part of every student’s educational experience. At Noble Academy, we believe that if we present the curriculum in a way that is engaging and fun, students will learn what they need to know to pass the test. We DO NOT teach to the test!  […]

Clubs and Activities

Extracurricular A school is a community and at Noble Academy, it is an exciting community!  We believe in educating and growing the whole child.  Academics without fun makes children dislike school. While our focus is education, we also feel that children can learn many important lessons that just can’t be taught in a classroom – lessons […]

Accelerated Math and Reading

“Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can.”   Gifted education has been maligned recently as elitist and unnecessary in our current educational environment of testing and standardization.  At Noble Academy, we feel that gifted children deserve to be served just like any other special population. We understand that the gifted […]


I have 3 students enrolled at this school, they really enjoy attending here. I have got to know almost all the teachers and staff here and I really have created unique friendships with everyone! The teachers and principal are dedicated to the children. They offer after school tutoring, clubs, and after school care for free. I […]