Blinding Lights Challenge!

3rd & 4th Grade has unanimously voted for the #Blinding Lights Challenge! Our administrative team, Mr. Parlar, Ms.Habash, Ms. Seemuller, Ms.Smith and Ms.Amy, will be recreating the video! We will be filming soon and will post it on ClassDojo and Classcraft for everyone to view. 

3rd Annual Nationwide Children’s Hospital Fundraiser!

Noble Academy has created a campaign page on where you will be able to make a donation to Nationwide Children’s Hospital! Click below to make a donation to this wonderful cause!   Building 1 (3rd & 4th), Building 2 (K-2nd) and Building 3 (5th-8th) will be competing to raise the most money. The students from […]

Child Activity Algorithm
Parents Zoom meeting with Principal Parlar

Dear Families, I will be hosting a zoom Q&A meeting on August 18th, Tuesday at 5 PM. Please also submit your “Parent Consent Form” if you did not submit it yet. The due date is today, Aug 17th, 3 PM. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Please see below for the meeting link, […]

Hybrid/Virtual Parent Guidelines