Language Arts and Spanish Dance Trophies

Congratulations to Rueyda Halwachi from 7th grade on winning third place in the 2016 Concept School Art and Language Contest/ Turkish Speaking Category.

All of their hard work paid off as Noble Academy 5-8th graders took home a trophy for Runner Up in the 2016 Art and Language Competition with Concept Schools in the Hispanic Folk Dance division.

The competition took place in Dayton, Ohio, on March 3, 2016. Students performed a traditional Mexican folk dance called “the machete dance” and also incorporated some more contemporary dance with music by Pitbull. Students spent several hours in practice, sometimes on Saturdays and during recess.

Participating students included: Zully Mejia Lopez, Payton Houck, Marianne Van Dyke, Makayla Bell, Romeo Ramirez Abercrombie, Thomas Millender, Siraj Fakhir, Ayoub, Nicari McGee, and Carl Ferguson.

In addition to the trophy, participating students also received a prize of $150, to be split among them, $15 each. A special thank you is due to The Ohio State University’s organization, Folclor Hispano, who provided a dance instructor and traditional costumes for the students to borrow on the day of the competition.