Noble Academy Columbus is part of Concept Schools; a Chicago based non-profit educational management and consulting organization. Concept Schools, Inc. first initiated Horizon Science Academies, a science and math emphasized school model in Cleveland and Columbus Ohio, in 1999. These schools are known for a successful college-prep school culture and a well-deserved reputation with high student retention rate and ever-increasing waiting lists. Both schools had strong mathematics, science and technology curriculums. And both recruited students in urban neighborhoods that historically had few education options. In six years number of schools that Concept Schools developed reached to eight in Toledo, Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, OH and Chicago, IL. In order to have a feeder school system to be more successful, Concept Schools decided to open K-5 schools to feed its middle and high schools. Therefore, Noble Academy Columbus opened in 2006 as elementary school. Noble Academy Columbus Charter School adapted the same educational model that is used by Horizon Science Academies.


Pillars of this successful model are;
A comprehensive college prep curriculum,
Small class size,
Positive relationship among the triad of students, teachers, and parents,
High level of student participation,
Safe and encouraging learning environment.