Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

At Noble Academy, we strive to create an inclusive community that celebrates our differences. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Team will be choosing a Person of the Week each week that represents a different trait that we value at Noble.  Please see below for this month’s People of the Week!

The November Focus Trait is Caring


Week of November 1

Person: Maya Moore
Reason: Maya Moore sacrificed her career in order to care for the injustice of others. She cared for others before caring for herself. She has also teamed up with UNICEF to help care for kids around the world. 

Week of November 8

Person: Dikembe Mutombo
Reason: Mutombo started the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and it later became one the first hospitals in the surrounding area with the support of his donations from his basketball career. He used his athletic strengths to care for the people in his country. 

Week of November 15

Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett
Reason: Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett used her knowledge and hard work to collaborate with a team and develop the Moderna vaccine to fight Covid-19. Corbett shows care by working hard and staying determined for the care of protecting the safety and health of our world. 

October People of the Week – Focus Trait: Respect


Week of October 4th

Person of the Week: Rihanna
Reason Chosen:  Rihanna dedicates her time to a foundation that she founded called the Clara Lionel Foundation (https://claralionelfoundation.org/about-us/). Through this foundation, Rihanna shows respect to people around the world by assisting in providing them with emergency preparedness, policy & system changes, and education.

Additional Link for Foundation: https://claralionelfoundation.org/about-us/


Week of October 12th:

People of the Week: Indigenous People
Reason Chosen: Indigenous Peoples day is on October 11th. It is important that we recognize and respect Indigenous People because they help protect our environment, fight climate change, and build resilience to natural disasters, yet their rights aren’t always protected.


Week of October 18th:

Person of the Week: Simone Biles
Reason Chosen:  During the 2021 Summer Olympics in Toyko, Simone Biles showed respect for herself by putting her mental health and safety above winning another gold medal. After taking a break for her mental health, she returned to the Olympics to continue to compete.

Week of October 25th:

Person of the Week: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Reason Chosen:   Ruth Bader Ginsburg dedicated her life to fighting for equal respect for women, members of the LGBTQ community, and marginalized groups. She was also the first woman ever elected to the supreme court!