District & State Science Fairs

On March 17th 2012, the District Science Fair was held at Columbus State Community College. Representing Noble Academy 4 students achieved a superior rating, granting them acceptance into the State Wide Science fair. The State Science Fair was held on Saturday May 5th, 2012. Students from all over Ohio came to compete. From Noble Academy 2 students: Tyson Whittenburg & Kylee Jones achieved an Excellent Rating. Tyson’s project was about Minerals in Herbal Tea, his presentation earned him 35 out of 40 possible points. Kylee created a project to help save the Victims of Oil Spill, earning her 34 out of 40 possible points. 2 other students competed from Noble Academy in the State Fair: Helen Prescod and Jihad Daugherty. Helen’s project was about the Total Aflatoxin in Grains and Nuts which earned her a Superior Rating with 37 out of 40 possible points. Jihad created a project to showcase the Vitamin C in an Orange’s Shell, also earning him a Superior Rating with 36 out of 40 possible points.
Helen Prescod ( Total Aflatoxin in Grains and Nuts) Superior 37pts out of 40 pts
Jihad Daugherty ( Vitamin C in Orange’s Shell) Superior 36pts out of 40pts
Tyson Whittenburg ( Minerals in Herbal Tea) Excellent 35pts out of 40pts
Kylee Jones ( Saving The Victims of Oil Spill ) Excellent 34pts out of 40pts