2019-2020CYSP Calendar


Thanksgiving dinner was like a special holiday that brought friends, families, and other people related to the school together to hold great conversations over traditional meals all around the world. On Tuesday November 19th, we invited our CYSP students and their families to enjoy a holiday feast. With over 50 people in attendance, it was a pleasure to host our students and their families as they spent time getting to know their child’s mentors. Students presented their culture and how their traditional meals were related to their lifestyle. Overall, it was a good experience for students, teachers, and parents. We are looking forward to seeing everybody again soon. 
Cysp team went to Crown Pointe Care Center to visit the residents there on Saturday. Our scholars and residents had conversations about their personal interests, their stories, and etc. They had conversation cards and Halloween painting activities and enjoyed together. It was a great opportunity for our scholars to see how people live there and help them. Overall, we had 21 scholars, 6 parents, and 4 mentors there to support our community. We will keep up the hard work and find more ways to support our scholars and community as much as we can. 
The cysp team went to Ohio Renaissance Festival which was a great experience for students and mentors last weekend. It is a festival area which is one hour to drive. It is held from August to October. I highly recommend a school field trip there. It is educational and fun. 
We went there 24 students, 3 parents, and 3 mentors. So far we have an 85% participation to all our events which is the highest number so far. I hope we will keep up the hard work and support our students to reach their academic and personal goals. This is a great opportunity to prepare our kids for college and future.


 We have started our CYSP this year with an exciting opening ceremony. We hosted 25 families presented CYSP to create a learning triangle for our students. Our next fun and learning activity will be the Ohio Renaissance Festival field trip on October 5th. Thanks, everyone who supported us to make a great start for CYSP. 















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