Clubs and Activities

Extracurricular A school is a community and at Noble Academy, it is an exciting community!  We believe in educating and growing the whole child.  Academics without fun makes children dislike school.

While our focus is education, we also feel that children can learn many important lessons that just can’t be taught in a classroom – lessons such as working together, competing for one’s school, and learning activities that will provide enjoyment as they grow.

Many of our clubs support and supplement our curriculum; giving student the chance to extend their learning in real world situations that are fun!  We have clubs and activities that are as diverse as our student body!  We have competition teams for Science Fair, Art Fair, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Destination Imagination, and other competitions where our students compete with others for prizes and recognition.

Our clubs include cooking, reading, art, fitness, and other subjects based on student requests and faculty specialty.  We believe that all children can benefit from club membership so we have clubs at all grade levels, many that are mixed levels so the students get the chance to work with students from other grades.

We encourage our parents to be involved with their student and with our Noble community.  We regularly have family movie nights, cookouts, and gatherings for parents to come to school and meet other families.  School is more than a place to come to learn at Noble Academy; it is a place where learning, growing, and developing one’s talents and skills are a part of everything we do.