Taking time away from school in a fun manner and learning along the way is the key to our field trip experience. While we are a small school, we feel that it is important for our students to experience things outside of the classroom. We find that children learn best when they are immersed in the curriculum and having fun at the same time. At Noble Academy we take every opportunity to coordinate trips that go along with this idea. We have visited many places some of which include,

  • The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
  • COSI
  • Lynd’s Fruit Farm,
  • Leeds Farm
  • Slate Run Historical Site
  • Graters Ice Cream Factory, and
  • The American Whistle Factory.


During the eighth grade year our students also participate in a trip to Washington DC to see our government in action as well as be able to see all of the artifacts they may have only read about in their text books. Not only do we have of campus trips, we also have visitors come to us to share their knowledge and expertise. We have had people like the Turtle Lady and The American Red Cross. We will continue to build on our trips and visitors only selecting those that allow our students to learn beyond the scope of the classroom and have fun in the process.