Instrument Exploration Station:

Students get to sample all of the instruments of the classroom and learn how to treat the instruments with respect while having fun creating their own music (or noise).

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Music Book Station:

A student, during music club, asked Ms. Oldacre a couple of weeks ago if they could have a book reading station.  Ms. Oldacre thought that was a great idea and got several music themed books for the students to read to help them learn about music while increasing their literacy skills.  They had books on what they could do when they grow up if they like music, different composers, different instruments, and specific popular songs.

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Music Composition Station:

Students get to write their own music using rhythms or solfege.  Students can complete their song in one period and take it home or save it for the next club day to finish.  Students can also bring their songs to Ms. Oldacre and she will sing their compositions for them so they know what they sound like.


Board Game Station:

Students get to play a music instrument board game together.  The first one to the finish line wins!